A detailed Business plan capturing among others the following areas
  • Executive Summary
  • Company Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Description of Management and Organization
  • Breakdown of Your Products and Services
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Strategy
  • Required Funding.
  • Financial Projections (Cash flow projections for 10 years)
Financial Projections Guidelines for Refurbishment
  1. For operational hotels- Actual occupancy rates should be used as a base in financial projections.
  2. The underlying Assumptions should be clearly outlined;
  3. The applicant needs to provide;
  4. A detailed financial statements & projections report showing;
    1. The Projected Capital Expenditure
    2. Projected cash flow projections for 10 years
    3. Detailed Projected Income Statement& Balance sheet
    4. The Projected Staffing Requirement and attendant expenses
    5. The Plan of Investment & Financial plan
    6. Schedule of Depreciation
  1. Revenues

    The revenue shall be broken down into the different revenue streams& should capture but not limited to;

    Revenue from Rooms Kshs 0.00
    Revenue from food Kshs 0.00
    Revenue from Beverage Kshs 0.00
    Revenue from Conference Kshs 0.00
    Any other revenue Kshs 0.00
  2. Direct Cost as % of Sales

    This will be in relation to the revenue streams as outlined above e.g

    Expenses related to rooms Kshs 0.00
    Food Kshs 0.00
    Beverage Kshs 0.00
    Conference Kshs 0.00
    Any other revenue Kshs 0.00
  3. Operating Expenses:

    This will be in relation to the revenue streams as outlined above e.g

    Administration & general Kshs 0.00
    Management fees Kshs 0.00
    Marketing fees Kshs 0.00
    Utilities, electricity Kshs 0.00
    Property, operations& maintenance Kshs 0.00
  4. Fixed Costs

    List any fixed costs

  5. For Refurbishment Purposes -Financing & Investment Plans

    For purposes of investment & financing plans, kindly provide a contractor certificate showing total cost of project (Aligned to the BQs), works done & remaining works. Further indicate the estimates or actual value of land, existing developments, cost of fittings, fixture & equipment.