1. The Corporation will inform the advocates to prepare mortgage deed at your cost. In addition, you will be required to meet the legal costs and other disbursements in connection with the charge and transfer of property. Such fees are paid directly to the Corporations’ Advocate. In case the Corporation pays on your behalf the same will be deducted from the loan amount.
  2. For initial evaluation purposes, a valuation report carried out within the last 3 years subject to verification will be acceptable. In case where there is no valuation report and there is an indicative value, valuation will be carried prior disbursement.
  3. By signing this form customers hereby declare that the information given in this form is to the best of their knowledge and belief, true and accurate and do hereby commit to service the loan according to the terms. The customer further authorizes the Corporation to obtain any information from third parties to verify/confirm the information provided herein.